Level A Suit Testing

Safeware offers Pressure Testing for NFPA Level A suits according to ASTM F 1054, “Practice for Pressure Testing of Totally Encapsulated Chemical Protective Suits” , EN464 “Leak-Tightness of Gas-Tight Suits (Internal Pressure Test)” and NFPA 1994, 2007 Edition, Section 5.2.3C, 6A, 6D Safeware recommends inspection and pressure testing of Level A ensembles at the following(…)

Fit Testing

“My employees need to be fit tested. What do I have to do?” OSHA Regulation 29 CFR Part 1910.134 require annual fit testing of all employees who are required to wear a respirator while on the job. Safeware technicians are trained on quantitative and qualitative fit testing procedures and will ensure your employees are properly(…)

Breathing Apparatus

Flowtesting – Repairs – Upgrades Safeware offers complete service on your breathing apparatus equipment. Our Factory Trained Technicians will keep your equipment opperating to manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring your worker’s safety at all times. We offer all necessary maintenance, repair and testing services. Most can even be performed on-site. • Annual Flowtesting • Fit testing •(…)

Fixed Gas Detection

Just like portable gas detection, fixed gas detection systems require routine testing and calibration to operate properly and to ensure they are effectively keeping your people and assets protected. Safeware is uniquely qualified to support your programs by servicing your fixed systems. Our trained technicians are ready to be mobilized for a regularly scheduled service(…)

Portable Gas Detection Service

“The Service That Started It All” Nearly 30 years ago, Safeware decided to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Our customers were buying Portable Gas Detection, and looking for fast, reliable, expert service. Ever since then, Safeware has always worked to provide complete service on the products we sell. Proper calibration and maintenance of instrumentation will(…)