Safeware offers Pressure Testing for NFPA Level A suits according to ASTM F 1054, “Practice for Pressure Testing of Totally Encapsulated Chemical Protective Suits” , EN464 “Leak-Tightness of Gas-Tight Suits (Internal Pressure Test)” and NFPA 1994, 2007 Edition, Section 5.2.3C, 6A, 6D

Safeware recommends inspection and pressure testing of Level A ensembles at the following times:

  • Upon Purchase
  • At least once per year
  • After the garment is worn and before the garment is worn again.

Level A garments should be visually inspected and inflation tested as described in the suits User Manual.

Safeware will provide complete documentation of the Pressure Test for your records.

Please note that contaminated, damaged or altered garments should not be tested or reused.

For questions or assistance on testing your Level A suits, please contact your local Safeware Representative or