Mallory Repair Services

Mallory Safety & Supply Does Repairs

Mallory Repair Services

  • Mallory Safety & Supply repair professionals are factory trained and certified by DBI-SALA.
  • We follow factory guidelines for repairs, and are audited on a regular basis.
  • We use only factory supplied spare parts as well as calibrated tools and fixtures to ensure that all repaired SRDs meet original factory specifications.
  • We can repair and recertify SRDs used in major falls, or those that might need repair due to extensive use.

Trust the Mallory Safety & Supply Repair Professionals

After the SRD arrives at our Block Repair Center it is taken apart, cleaned and inspected.

  • Components are checked for normal wear, corrosion, and other damage.
  • The energy-absorbing brake element is recalibrated.
  • SRD is reassembled and inspected.
  • Certification is issued for each completed SRD.

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